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Earring Charms – How Did The Trend Start?

Some of you may remember back in the 1950’s and 1960’s your grandmother, mother or favourite auntie (depending on your age)  wearing her heavy charm bracelet laden with a myriad of tinkly charms.

Charm bracelet silver.

Around this time giving a charm as a gift to add to a much loved bracelet was a very popular way to celebrate special occasions and life milestones like reaching a 21st birthday, the announcement of an engagement, or the birth of a new baby to name just a few.

But, various different charm types, not only bracelet and earring charms, have been in use as jewellery and for other reasons way before the middle of the 20th century. 

In fact, early records of charms being in use as a signifier or to symbolize special life events date back to Roman times.

At this point in history, Christians hid their religious beliefs for fear of persecution, but the carrying of a small fish shape charm allowed other Christians to know of their shared religious beliefs.

The Greeks and Romans wore charms to respect their Gods and for superstitious reasons. The wearing of a charm as a talisman to ward off evil spirits and deflect bad luck was in common use at this time.

But, even before then, we were using charms as tokens of affection and for celebration. As long as we’ve been cultivating relationships and making special memories, charms have been in use.

If we go even further back in history there is evidence that during prehistoric times charms made from clay, animal bones and even mammoth tusks would be worn as an ancient form of body adornment.

And in more recent history, during times of war, carrying trinkets like a lock of a loved one’s hair or a baby mitten as a good luck talisman became the practise for some warriors heading into battle.

However,  the use of charms for superstitious reasons began changing and developing over time into a form of decoration. And Queen Victoria’s burgeoning interest in charms began to help this fashion trend gain in popularity.

Image of Queen Victoria wearing jewellery

The queen loved jewellery in all of its many forms and included in her favourite jewellery items were pendants and charm bracelets. One of her most treasured jewellery pieces was a gold charm bracelet which she wore constantly.

The charms on the queen’s beautiful bracelet showcase the finest jewellery craftsmanship  of that era. Some of the royal charms feature black enamelling, some highlight fine engraving and others are set with the finest jewels.

Adorned with 16 different circular, oval and heart shape charms, the queen’s charm bracelet was an object of admiration and became a fashion item with the aristocracy.

During Victorian times the aristocracy set fashion trends which were then adopted by the lower echelons of society, and the trend for charm bracelets was soon copied by the masses.

Our Current Earring Charm Trend

Luckily, nowadays you don’t need to have Queen Victoria’s enormous wealth or aristocratic status to enjoy wearing charm jewellery.

While heavy charm bracelets may have fallen out of fashion for now, we have a new fashion trend. And this new fashion for charm hoop earrings has been gathering speed during the last couple of years with fashionistas around the globe quickly adopting this latest on-trend jewellery craze.

Celebrities like Claire Foy as well as modern day royalty, the UK’s always stylish Princess Kate, have been spotted wearing small hoop earring with charms.

The popularity of this earring trend is really no surprise as it offers practicality, versatility and an opportunity to showcase your own unique style with a huge variety of charm styles to choose from.

Earring charms.

Duo Hope Huggie Earrings with Triple Hoops

It seems like anything goes with earring charms. With a choice of everything from cutesy brightly coloured flowers and fruit or whimsical emoji charms to the more classical look of diamond and pearl charms.

Whichever way you wish to express your individuality it seems you can find the perfect charm earrings to help you do it.

Versatile Interchangeable Earring Charms

While popular, earrings with fixed charms are less versatile than those with detachable and interchangeable earring charms. A pair of hoops with charms you can take off and swap for another style are also a whole lot more fun…….just saying! Our Duo Collection offers a contemporary leverback huggie hoop with a wide selection of interchangeable earring charms. 

Earring charms.

But, with so much choice out there, how do you find the right earring charm style? Actually it’s not too complicated, just keep in mind when selecting your huggie charms it’s important to choose designs that reflect your own unique style.

You may admire charm earrings that your friends are wearing, or an earring style worn by your favourite celebrity. But you need to choose earring charms that resonate with YOU and that reflect who YOU really are.

Believe it or not, the jewellery you wear can silently communicate your style, beliefs and values.

So, whether it’s the perfect luminous gemstone in a colour  that you love, or a sparkling and sustainable diamond simulant, choosing earring charms that have personal meaning to you will ensure you wear your charm hoop earrings again and again.

Choose Earring Charms That Work With Your Face Shape

Not all faces are created equal, your face shape can be oval, round, square, triangle, heart or diamond shape. If you’re a bit unsure of your face shape you can check out an app like ‘Find Your Face Shape’ to help you work it out. 

Round Face Shape – As a guide, an easy way to select not only charm earrings, but earring styles in general is to select those that are the opposite of your face shape. For instance, if you have a round face you are better creating some length rather than accentuating the roundness of your face shape with circular shape charms. So longer, danglier charms like our Duo huggies with Twist charms may suit you.

Oval Face Shape – If you are the owner of a perfectly oval face you are in luck as you can wear most earring styles which makes choosing charm hoop earrings a breeze…. lucky you!

Square Face Shape – If you have a straight forehead with a strong jawline and an overall angular shape you have a square face shape that best suits earrings and charms with curves. Our Duo Crinkle style would look fab on you. 

Heart Face Shape – If you have wide cheekbones, a broad forehead and a narrow chin you have a heart shape face. To elongate your face shape huggie hoops are perfect for you and a small charm like our Duo Lulu will work perfectly to add a bit of sparkle without making your chin shape look too sharp.

Triangle Face Shape – With a wide forehead and narrower cheeks, go for earrings that draw attention to the upper area of your face. A circular shape charm on a huggie hoop will work nicely for you. 

Diamond Face Shape – With wide cheekbones and a narrower forehead and chin, it’s good to elongate this face shape. Try some drop charms like our classic Duo pearl drop charm.  

face with heart shape fingers.

Now keep in mind this is only a very rough sort of a guide to earrings styles that suit face shapes.

They are guidelines only and not meant to be written in stone rules.  It’s really all about the proportions of your face. The necklines and hairstyles you wear will also play a part in guiding you to earring style selection.

No matter what you find out about the shape of your face, it’s all about getting creative, expressing your very own unique individuality and most of all having fun with your choice of earring charms for your huggie hoops. 

Choose Earrings With Charms To Suit Your Lifestyle

Where will you be wearing your charm hoop earrings? This answer to this question is  ‘everywhere’. As the beauty of this earring style is they suit so many different occasions. Whether you are looking for earrings to wear on the red carpet or out and about in your baseball cap, charm hoop earrings just work. You’ll find them as useful as your white tee shirt or favourite pair of jeans because huggie earrings with charms are the perfect earring solution for any occasion.

Our Duo Collection includes a contemporary and understated huggie hoop and charms crafted in 14k gold vermeil or sterling silver. So no matter whether you are a gold or silver fan, Duo has the right charms for you. 

The interchangeable charm selection include moonstones, black spinel  and labradorite gemstones, textured and enamelled discs and sustainable diamond simulants.  These detachable earring charms can be effortlessly slipped on and off the leverback hoop earrings, allowing you to effortlessly change up your earrings and have fun creating your style whatever the occasion.