Curated ear piercing.

Curated Ear Piercing

Earrings and piercings have come a long way since the single lobe piercings of just a few years ago. Curated ear piercing has become quite a thing and it looks like this trend is sticking around. Curated ear piercing ideas are all over fashion websites and magazines. 

I remember my mother being shocked when at 13 years old I asked to have my ears pierced. That ‘shocking’ request was for a single piercing on each ear. Her answer was a resounding ‘definitely not, you’re too young’. 

Luckily I had a cool older sister who sneaked me off to the local jewellery shop and my ear piercing dreams became a reality. I returned home happily sporting tiny gold sleeper studs accompanied by the feeling of finally being a grown up.

My mother got over her shock eventually, but my sister was in a bit of trouble for a while lol.

Studs Hoops or Statement Earrings?

Happily, nowadays ear piercing is not only acceptable but a lot more adventurous. It’s a little cool, edgy and definitely on-trend without being too crazy.

Today, there’s no need to choose between a single stud, hoop or statement earring to place in your single piercing. You can wear all 3 earring styles together in a stylishly curated ear stack of multi piercings. 

Not only that, but you can wear all of those earring styles on both ears, or mix things up with asymmetrical piercings so each ear shows a collection of different earrings in different ear locations.

The possibilities are endless for mixing or matching metal types and most importantly, showcasing your individuality via your curated earring stacks. 

Create Your Own Ear Alchemy

Curated ear piercing earring selection.

Let your imagination and individuality loose when you choose your ear stack earrings. You have lots of earring styles to choose from no matter if you want a gold earring stack, or you prefer the cool hue of silver. Huggie earrings, hoops, studs, charm earrings and statement gemstone drop earrings – you’re spoiled for choice!

Consider Your Individual Ear Anatomy

Want to get in on the curated ear trend but not sure where to start?  Or nervous about making a piercing mistake?

Well, fear not because lately, piercing studios have sprung up allowing one to one piercing experiences.

With specialized help on ear styling and working out which piercings suit your individual ear anatomy you’ll be on your way to creating your perfect earring stack. 

Curated ear piercing in helix.

Check out the illustration below to help familiarize yourself with the different types of ear piercings and their positions on the ear.  This will allow you to visualize which ear piercings you’d like and help you get to grips with the ear piercing names. 

Unique ear piercing placements include helix styles which allow you to curate an ear stack from the earlobe all the way around the upper outer edge of your ear….. a good place to start on your ear jewellery journey.

Then later, when you are feeling more adventurous,  you can consider piercings along the inner edge of your ear like daith and tragus piercings.

Inner ear piercings tend to be a little more painful which is another reason to start with outer helix piercings until you get used to having your ears  pierced.

Whatever style of curated ear piercing you choose, have fun experimenting in true free spirit style. In no time you’ll be rocking your very own individual curated ear piercings.



Curated ear piercing diagram.