Iconic earring styles for work.

Dress to impress with these 5 effortlessly chic and iconic earring styles that will elevate your office attire to a whole new level.

In the world of professional fashion, accessories play a crucial role in making not only a first impression, but a lasting one too.

And what better way to express your style than through the right pair of earrings? Unless you work in a fashion related industry it might be best to leave the boho feathery/tassel looks at home for off duty wear.

If you’re dressing to impress, sticking with a more pared back earring look is the way to dress for success.

Contemporary designs that exude sophistication are on our curated list of must-have iconic earrings. They strike just the right balance between professionalism and fashion-forward elegance.

Whether you’re aiming for a polished look in the boardroom or a stylish ensemble for after-work events, the iconic earring choices listed here will undoubtedly leave a lasting mark on your colleagues and clients alike.

Read on to explore how iconic earring styles can turn your office wardrobe into a runway of chic and effortless style.

Iconic Pearl Earrings

Iconic pearl earrings.

Our Duo Pearl Earrings are an iconic pearl earring style given an update as a huggie hoop with a pearl drop charm. Pearls are the perfect foil to add a lift to a formal dark navy, charcoal or black suit. If you have an after hours event you can easily swap out the interchangeable pearl charm for another to create a different more edgy look suited to your venue.

Iconic Hoop Earrings

Iconic hoop earrings.

While you may have to keep your giant J Lo style hoops for the weekend, a smaller pair of iconic hoop earrings like these Essential Hoops will fit the bill for work wear. Small but with impact from surface interest and cool  geometric shape they can also be stacked with a small stud earring to create a discreet but sophisticated earring stack. If you prefer iconic silver earrings these Essential hoops also come in cool 925 sterling silver.

Iconic Charm Earrings

Iconic charm earrings.

A simple charm earring like our Duo Moonscape Huggie Hoop is a perfect iconic charm earring for the office. It provides just the right amount of interest and shine from the hammered metal finish to lift the look of your usual office attire. With a total length of 24mm this earring style is long enough to create interest, but short enough to sit high up above a tailored shirt collar.

Iconic Stud Earrings

iconic stud earrings.

Who doesn’t love a shiny iconic stud earring? Infinitely wearable with any look, our Motto Diamond Simulant Stud Earrings are the perfect size to add a shimmering glow to your outfit. You can also easily add it to a simple earring stack for a classic look.  Motto diamond simulant small stud earrings elevate any office attire.

Iconic Thread Earrings

Iconic thread earrings.

Feel the need to push the style boat out a little? An iconic thread earring offers the chance to wear longer earrings as they are such a simple and delicate style. Our Sequence Chain Earrings provide a ‘barely there’ delicate string of moonstones. Discreet enough to add a sophisticated touch to office wear and ideal for after work events.