sparkling diamond simulant earrings on beige background

One of the biggest trends to hit the jewellery world  recently is ‘stacking’. Stacking necklaces, bracelets or earrings using contrasting shapes and details are being worn by  fashionistas worldwide. In city streets from London to Barcelona and right here at home in Australia jewellery stacking is definitely a thing. 

Of course, at Missana we love this fashion stacking trend.  Using earrings, huggies and ear cuffs to create wonderfully curated ear stacks that reflect your personality is truly a thing of beauty as well as a whole lot of fun. 

How you go about styling the creation of your earring stack really depends on your personality. Are you a ‘minimalist’ or a ‘maximalist’? 

Minimalist stylists  may go for a simple hoop, a stud and an ear cuff to create their perfect ear stack. A simple and effective statement.  While a maximalist says ‘WTH, the more the merrier’ and the creation of their earring stack utilizes lots of piercings to accomodate a more decorative and full earring stack. 

Whatever your personal style you can get creative with huggies, hoops, studs, drops and cuffs in all their variations.

Choosing from gemstones and polished simulant stones provide colour and sparkle. While adding interest to your stack comes from using contrasting metal textures and shapes. Stars, flowers, teardrops or more geometric shapes add an interesting and sometimes fun  dimension helping you express your personality through your stack.

Go asymmetric – Curate your earring stacks differently in each ear. Perhaps use only a couple of studs in one ear and a more full stack with a dangle earring on the other side. 

Go classic – You can add updated versions of earring styles we know and love like baroque pearl drops, an update to the classic pearl earring.  Or chubby hoops embellished with diamond simulants for added glam. 

Go shiny – Clusters of diamond simulant studs paired with shiny hoops make an impact. 

No matter your style, have fun with it and create an earring stack that truly reflects the real you.  


2 women wearing stacked earrings in silver and gold